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Only a list of tools

ORCA ("one really cool editor")
Modify msi files. You find the ORCA tool in the Microsoft MSI SDK.
ORCA try do modify the packets in a writable modus and if you change nothing, ORCA set the modify date/time new. In that case you can set the msi-file to read-only.
You find the SDK here:
To get the MSI Resources you have to download the full package. After the installation you find ORCA in the Program folder.


Exe to msi converter [Freeware]
Exe to msi converter is disigned to convert Executable installer (.exe) to Windows Installer (.msi) files that can be distributed and installed on other computers via GPO. The program automatically detects Executable installer type and command line options. It allows you to convert exe to msi packages with one click.

Msi to Executable converter [Freeware]
Tool to quick convert MSI packages to Executable (.exe) files. Support msiexec command line arguments, allows load custom icons and edit full version information. Both command line and dialog mode are included.

installshield adminstudio

wise package studio

WinInstall LE 2003
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