codecompare silent install

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silent install of CodeCompare from DevArt

codecompare.exe /verysilent /nofeedback /mergehelp

more parameter not tested:

/nomachineconfig - no provider factory registration in DbProviderFactories section of machine.config.
/silent and /verysilent - besides standard functionality, no FAQ page is shown after installation is finished.
/nofeedback - no Feedback page is opened after uninstall.
/nomergepackage - not install menu item and toolbox components into Visual Studio.
/mergehelp - merge Devart documentation to MS Help collection.

In enteo i do it with the ExecuteEx command, but the program does not give a return code back. So my error variable could not resolved.
These are the errors i get:
ExecuteTimeout: 60 Seconds
Warning (Module:Main, Severity:0x03): Process execution timed out.
Warning (Module:Main, Severity:0x03): Can't resolve variable _Error

I change the ExecuteEx command and do not use the error variable.
To proof the installation i check for the program file with:
if not exist %C:\Program Files (x86)%\DevArt\CodeCompare\CodeCompare.exe
ExitProcEx(Failed, 'CodeCompare installation error')


The uninstall String is: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Devart\CodeCompare\Uninstall\unins000.exe" /SILENT
But the folder and the -.exe is not present in my installation.